The Meaning of Dreams

I’ve been having terrifying dreams lately. Dreams that deal with death. When I wake up, it feels very real and I’m scared for a little bit. One of the most real dreams I had recently was a few weeks ago. I was at my house at school and everyone was talking about a car crash that happened right outside my house. Then my dream went back in time and I knew the accident was going to happen, so I had the chance to save the woman. I went downstairs and saw a black SUV across the street. I then saw a woman slowly walking/trudging past the side of the house into the backyard. She then laid down in the snow. I went and got my roommate and told her to call 911 because I had to leave soon for my internship and no one else was home. Then I ran outside to the lady. I helped her into my house asking all kinds of questions like if she was okay and what her name was. She said Muriel. Then I asked her where she was from, thinking she’d tell me the town or state. She said ‘heaven’ My roommate and I freaked out at the point and then I woke up. I felt like there was a presence in my room, but I was too scared to open my eyes or move. I did feel like it was a good presence, however. The weirdest part of that was my grandmother that I never met was name Marian, which is a form of the name Muriel.

Other dreams I’ve had in the past month deal with me driving off bridges and falling out of a plane. I looked up what recurring dreams about death meant, and it amazed me how it couldn’t be more true. To sum it up, recurring dreams about death mean you are going through a transitional phase in your life and you are anxious and have a fear of the upcoming unknown. Helllooo! I’m about to graduate college and have no idea where my life is headed. This phase of my life is coming to an end and I just started applying to jobs this week, so I have the uncertainty of not having a job once I graduate. I really hope these dreams will stop. I’m definitely relieved to understand the reason behind these dreams and that they don’t mean I’m going to die, but they are still very frightening!

Has anyone had any dreams that startled them?


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