11 Things I Would Tell My Freshman Year Self

1. Don’t be afraid to get involved.

Experience is just as important as studying. You will meet a bunch of new people and gain new experience.

2. Cherish all the money you have freshman year. By senior year you will understand what it really means to be a ‘broke college kid’.

Save your money as much as possible. Chipotle and sushi can wait every once in awhile.

3. Your high school study habits will not cut it in college.

Or lack thereof study habits. Seriously, you will see by sophomore year your potential and how you could have boosted your GPA freshman year by studying a little more.

4. The library is your friend.

It is the best place to get work done. Otherwise you will be napping in your bed or resulting to Netflix.

5. Don’t be afraid to meet new people. 

You’re not in your hometown anymore. There are a ton of people out there. Go out and meet them.

6. Don’t be alarmed when your friend group from high school goes from ten people to a cozy group of four.

It’s not about who’s there in the beginning, it’s about who’s there in the end.

7. The people you met in the first few weeks of freshman year will be ones that changed your life.

The bonds will become even stronger throughout the years.

8. It’s okay to not have everything figured out yet.

Because you might not even have it figured out senior year. And that’s okay. Don’t over stress yourself about this.

9. Learn to become independent. 

Doing your laundry, cooking your own food, LEARN HOW TO DO IT.

10. Learning to manage your time will be a life saver.

You will not regret it. It’s a great skill to have.

11. Enjoy being a freshman. 

People may know you’re a freshman and you can’t wait to be a sophomore, but seriously, when you’re a senior you’re gonna wish you were a freshman again.


Important Advice From A Drunk Guy

My last night home during my last winter break as a college student brought me an unsuspecting word of advice from an overbearing, slightly annoying, but very insightful drunk guy. Let me set the scene for you. My best friend and I were at our local hometown, “townie” bar and everyone you don’t feel like seeing is there. Well actually, there was a lot of people who graduated high school years before me, but I really didn’t feel up to the social scene that night. But it was my last night home with my best friend and she asked me to go out, so I went. After getting our drinks, my friend and I were just talking and bonding by ourselves before deciding to go find her guy friends on the other side of the bar. As soon as we turn around to walk away, we get stopped.

“You guys look REALLY familiar! Did you guys do orchestra in high school?!”

Some random girl in the grade above us stopped us, which pretty much summed up the rest of my night. So after talking with the girl who we barely knew and her two guy friends for about 15 minutes, my friend found her escape. Since I was on the other side of the circle, I was trapped. Cue the next twenty minutes talking to the one guy who moved to my small Jersey town from somewhere in upstate New York. Actually not talking…..listening, and listening, and listening, and OOH A CHANCE TO GET A WORD…nope still listening. You get the point. This guy was a talker.

So as he was droning on about how he would give his left hand to be back in college and to just embrace every single day and how we were his people, I finally got away and found my friend again. But this wasn’t the last of the drunk talker. Nope. He found us when he was leaving to tell us it was very nice meeting us and to give us some advice that I was slightly amused by at the time, but have realized the importance.


And that was that. Hug your Wednesdays. Hug everyday. Do something new. Do something you appreciate. Appreciate the day even if it’s just a boring old Wednesday, or a dreadful Monday, or whatever it may be.

As silly as that conversation was, I really have thought about it a lot as my final semester is creeping up on me. So to that drunk guy I met at my local bar, you bet I’ll be hugging my Wednesdays!