Important Advice From A Drunk Guy

My last night home during my last winter break as a college student brought me an unsuspecting word of advice from an overbearing, slightly annoying, but very insightful drunk guy. Let me set the scene for you. My best friend and I were at our local hometown, “townie” bar and everyone you don’t feel like seeing is there. Well actually, there was a lot of people who graduated high school years before me, but I really didn’t feel up to the social scene that night. But it was my last night home with my best friend and she asked me to go out, so I went. After getting our drinks, my friend and I were just talking and bonding by ourselves before deciding to go find her guy friends on the other side of the bar. As soon as we turn around to walk away, we get stopped.

“You guys look REALLY familiar! Did you guys do orchestra in high school?!”

Some random girl in the grade above us stopped us, which pretty much summed up the rest of my night. So after talking with the girl who we barely knew and her two guy friends for about 15 minutes, my friend found her escape. Since I was on the other side of the circle, I was trapped. Cue the next twenty minutes talking to the one guy who moved to my small Jersey town from somewhere in upstate New York. Actually not talking…..listening, and listening, and listening, and OOH A CHANCE TO GET A WORD…nope still listening. You get the point. This guy was a talker.

So as he was droning on about how he would give his left hand to be back in college and to just embrace every single day and how we were his people, I finally got away and found my friend again. But this wasn’t the last of the drunk talker. Nope. He found us when he was leaving to tell us it was very nice meeting us and to give us some advice that I was slightly amused by at the time, but have realized the importance.


And that was that. Hug your Wednesdays. Hug everyday. Do something new. Do something you appreciate. Appreciate the day even if it’s just a boring old Wednesday, or a dreadful Monday, or whatever it may be.

As silly as that conversation was, I really have thought about it a lot as my final semester is creeping up on me. So to that drunk guy I met at my local bar, you bet I’ll be hugging my Wednesdays!


Simplicity vs. Chaos

Sim·plic·i·ty   noun
the quality of being easy to understand or use

Cha·os   noun
complete disorder or confusion

I don’t know how exactly it originated, but these are my two favorite words. It came to me during my senior year of high school when I started to think about what to write about in my college essays. I like to think of myself as somewhat creative and I didn’t want to write the typical college essay by bragging about all of my strengths in a formal, standard way. I wanted my college essay to stand out. So I googled some ideas for college essays and found one website that said to pick your favorite words and write about it. When it came down to it I thought of the two words listed above. The word simplicity just sounds pretty. It SOUNDS like how it is defined. It rolls off the tongue, in just a simplistic way. On the other hand, the word chaos LOOKS the way it is defined. The letters don’t really look like they belong in the order they are put in, and it just looks like a chaotic word.

I have no idea what exactly I wrote about in that essay, nor do I want to read it ever again. My writing from high school is no where near the quality of my college writing. I’m definitely more confident about my writing now than I was back then. I do know that I wrote about situations in my life where these two words had applied simultaneously.

Life in general is so simple, yet so chaotic. Take college for example. My life at college falls into the same routine. I figure out when I go to classes, when I will eat lunch and dinner, when I want to go work out, and the rest of the time is my free time. Once I learn that, everything is simple. The chaos sets in when the semester gets busier. Clubs and meetings begin to take up time and homework begins to load up, yet you still need to find time to perfect your resume or apply to jobs without getting distracted by doing what you really want to do. Like watch videos of cute puppies on the internet, or bum out with your roommates.

This simplicity vs. chaos debacle can really apply to anything though. A sunset is a really simple act of nature, but can be so chaotic looking and beautiful at the same time. The finished product of a plate of chocolate chip cookies presents itself as simple and can be gone in about two minutes (if you live in a house with 5 other girls, this is very likely), but the process of making the cookies can be so elaborate and complicated and chaotic. Gathering all of the ingredients and measuring them out to make the perfect cookie can get a little crazy sometimes.

However, I think that every situation in life needs the right amount of simplicity and chaos. The chaos makes it interesting, while the simplicity makes it enjoyable. This is why I felt that my blog should be named ‘Just Simply Chaotic.’ My thoughts and posts can be simple, but at the same time, completely chaotic and all over the place. You can take this post as a great example.